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Human Resource Management

"The 21st century will belong to Human Resources and organizational capabilities – Dave Ulrich" Our experts help clients to align their greatest asset (Human Capital) to the organizational goals & capabilities. We offer our expert assistance to our clients in the domain of
  • PCMM - People Capability & Maturity Model.
  • BSC - Balance Score Card.
  • KPR & KPI - Key Performance Responsibilities & Indices.
  • Recruitment Services

    "Taste for best talent" In Today's business scenario workforce (Human Resource) is the greatest asset that an organization can have. Importance of Human resources can be ascertained from the very fact that organizations have started to look at their talent pool as HUMAN CAPITAL. It is the talent pool available with an organization that most efficiently execute day-to-day activities & also solves complex and intricate problems. The skill & talent of the workforce determines success of new technology, system or new initiatives. Key to success is choosing right talent & deploying it on right place.

    Recruitment Process

    We help in selecting the right talent. With the talent pool available with us we have an edge in selecting a right candidate for our clients. Recruitment Process is the very first step in acquiring new talent that starts with identifying the vacancy.
    There are seven steps related to recruitment process.
      1. Vacancy Identification.
      2. JD preparation & Person's Specification.
      3. Floating the Vacancy.
      4. Managing Responses.
      5. Short-Listing.
      6. Arrange Interviews.
      7. Conduct Interview & Decision making.
    We can be involved just after either step 1 or step 2.



    Service offerings are the building blocks. we use to help clients in their efforts to solve their complex business problems.

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    Your investment in our technology, we can undertake line audits of your packaging equipment to make sure it is running at maximum profitabilit.

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    Human ResourceNeed Help?

    Human Resources (HR) professionals are an integral component of aligning business strategy with people strategy.

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    The best training program in the world is absolutely worthless without the will to execute it properly, consistently, and with intensity.

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    The SAP R/3 enterprise application suite for open client/server systems has established a new standards for providing business information management solutions.

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